All our parking equipment and technology has been designed by Parksafe and is made in the UK. We produce a range of cutting edge, be-spoke modular equipment which can be installed in many types of car park.

Our modular equipment lifts security to an unprecedented level producing products of quality and reliability unsurpassed by other suppliers. We are the only UK manufacturers of this type of patented security equipment and the only UK company that produce Pay on Foot Machines together with all other required equipment necessary for a traffic payment system. 

Our equipment can be purchased as a complete security system package or as individual elements. We also offer a consultancy and design service to other car park operators.

Our equipment and systems can be viewed at the newly-refurbished Derby site.


Smart Card/Ticket Allocators and Acceptors
On arrival to the car park customer presses for Smartcard, the card is issued and logs the relevant information. Smartcards are RFID type and used via proximity devices on all other customer-related modules. To exit the car park customer pulls alongside the Card Acceptor and enters the Smartcard into the device. If this is a valid, security released and paid up card with matching security codes then the barrier will rise and the exit gates open.

Entry/Exit Barriers
On verification of the Smartcard by the ticket acceptor the entry/exit barrier lifts, allowing access to the bi-folding gates.


Entrance Gates
Once the vehicle has left the closing loop of the Entry barrier the gates open for access and close after the vehicle has entered the car park. Safety features include ‘vehicle present’ sensors together with devices if body forms are detected. Operating times are approximately 4 seconds.

Empty Bay Allocators
Strategically placed flashing blue light indicators show and lead customers to empty bays. A flashing blue light indicates a vacant bay.

Anti-theft Bay Sensors
A floor-mounted sensor is located in each parking bay throughout the car park. Once secured by the customer any movement above a preset level will activate the automatic system.

Bay Number
Every parking bay has its own individual bay number’. Once the vehicle has been locked the customer remembers their bay number and makes their way to a convenient Bay Controller.

Bay Controller Unit
These are conveniently located around the car park and utilize touch screen technology with a Smartcard proximity reader and help/information buttons. The information screen also doubles as a two-way video intercom. Once the customer enters their bay number in to this device Bay Security is switched into the live monitored network system.

Pedestrian Access Control Unit
These are located at the pedestrian doors and limit access to the car park to Smartcard holders only. Customers show their Smartcard to the reader panel and the security doors are unlocked. Each unit has a video link to the Control Room.

Pay on Foot machines
These are state of the art and customer friendly. The customer shows the Smartcard and pays the indicated fee. Operation is accomplished in an easy to follow audio/visual on-screen format with video link to the Control Room.

Camera Modules
CCTV cameras are located on the ceiling at regular intervals throughout the car park. Each camera monitors 2/3 bays and should a sensor be alarmed it’s camera immediately switches on and transmits the incident to the control room. These also house the car park’s all-call and localised PA system.

Panic Point Inputs
Panic buttons are located on each pillar to provide protection against personal attack. Once pressed they activate CCTV cameras which transmit back to the Control Room.

Flexi Bollards
Flexi-bollards are a new Parksafe innovation and these highly visible posts flex upon impact with a vehicle and the plastic disk minimise any damage to the vehicle.

Control Room
We have a saying at Parksafe -  “Out of Control Room - Out of Control”. Everything you could possibly need to See, Hear or Control is only a click away using our unique car park Management Mapping System.


Bespoke systems design including:

• All Traffic Related Equipment

• CCTV System/Camera Multiplex System

• Panic Alarm System

• PA System

• Intelligent Management System

• Electronic Car Park Mapping


• Client operation/Complete Car Park Management

• Professional Consultancy Service

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